• Annette Bartlett
  • September 16, 2015 3:50 pm

Connecting with God

Hi Girls,

In my previous blogs I mentioned the idea of Lighthouse Women heading into a new season. I would like to take some time in defining what that looks like. I believe this new season will be defined by two core directions. Firstly, that we would strengthen our faith as women. Secondly, we would navigate new ways to engage with our community.

Why do we need to strengthen our faith as women? As a woman of faith, my walk with God has involved transformation not just of my spirit but the Holy Spirit partnering with me to bring wholeness to every area of my being. Whether that be my mind, will and emotions which has ultimately brought restoration to my body. As I interact with my peers and the other generations of women of faith I see only a handful of women experiencing this transformational christianity.

My concern is that women of faith are greatly influenced by this present world culture and the pace at which we live. Much of the church seems to have become passive toward growing in God or so overwhelmed with life that we feel we don’t have emotional energy to face another challenge. Instead of changed and transformed many are being slowly inoculated and being shaped and lead by popular culture. We absorb anything the internet, social media, traditional media or self appointed guru’s have to offer on every topic known to man or woman but when leaders in churches challenge belief systems they are seen as dubious and suspect in their motivations and at worst perpetuators of a world view now so last century.

If we truly are to partner with God in bringing transformation to our own lives and the community we need to be burrowing down into our connection with God and his spirit, out of that connection our faith should be outworked into every area of our lives. As Lighthouse girls we need to build each other up in our faith. At times this could mean support and encouragement but it could also involve a challenge to belief systems and behaviour that are contrary to a healthy God culture.

In an Instagram post I said that I wish we could as girls walk around in ball gowns and slippers being the princess we were created to be but that this season in history will require something stronger and more resilient. Daniel and his story in the bible is a great example of someone outworking their faith in the midst of the most antagonistic culture and bringing incredible transformation to his community.

Three things defined him, he had a strong active personal faith, the Bible tells us he prayed without fail three times a day. I don’t believe he prayed from a law perspective but knew he needed God’s strength to enable him to face the major challenges in his life. He knew the truth of who God was, his world view framed his knowledge of the living God as opposed to the material man made gods the culture he lived in. Finally, he out worked his faith, his values regardless of the enormous pressure to succumb to a hostile culture.

I would like to propose that women’s ministry needs further innovative thought. It is not a matter of putting on more “meetings” so women can grow in their faith. We have access to the most christian meetings, conferences and resource of any generation, yet there is a disconnect between christian formats and spiritual growth. I believe having a vibrant healthy relationship with God not only brings transformation to our own person but should be the catalyst for affecting transformation in the community we find ourselves in. In my next blog I want to explore the second core direction for Lighthouse women of how do we engage with our community in new and innovative ways.

Love Annette


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