• Annette Bartlett
  • September 30, 2015 4:07 pm

Creating innovative ways to reach our community

Hey Girls,


I propose that women’s ministry needs a new direction and new innovative ways to help strengthen our women’s growth in their faith and to carry the message of faith to our community. In order to do that we need to be aware of the times in which we live. Unless you are living in a cave in a remote wilderness you are being affected daily by the world and it’s culture we live in. It would be naive and foolish of us to think that we can stick resolutely to the same methods that we used five years ago if it is not producing transformational growth in those we are ministering to.

We need to create new and different ways to engage with our community. The last few years I have found myself through travel, social media and reading books from the community starting to get a feel for where the world is at. Let me tell you that it is a world that traditional christians will continually feel uncomfortable in. I have seen sights and had experiences that have challenged my core values to the point of leaving me feeling helpless. However, I believe God has not put us in this time in history to leave us helpless. I remember in the middle of one such experience, I felt the Jesus remind me not to worry as he had overcome the world. By that I don’t mean overcome people but the world system that I believe is no longer serving humanity.

We need to know our message but more than that we need to believe in our message. I wonder do you still believe that the gospel is beneficial to humanity? If we do believe in the power of the gospel to change lives then when need to create platforms to share that message. On a personal level we need to know how to share our faith with the world that we live and work in. On a larger scale we need to create multiple platforms that are reaching many people and in our case many women. We could continue to just have meetings that reach a couple of hundred women or we could use other platforms that influence thousands, hey even millions around the planet. This is why Lighthouse women are looking at building platforms through websites, social media, networks, third spaces and festivals to name a few.

I have always believed in the wholistic message the gospel brings, in the past women’s ministry has majored on just addressing our faith life but often failed to helps us in how to be great Mum’s, Wives, business women, doctors or women in leadership. Whether you’re a woman of faith or not we are all navigating how to do this life well. The big issues that women outside the church are facing are those that we as women of faith are no doubt also facing. I think as Lighthouse women we can help play a part in helping women succeed in all areas of life.

What we have endeavoured to do in the last little while is to gather those women who call Lighthouse home and not only love the vision but are willing to be invested in that vision. It is no secret that a vision like ours requires not just a handful of key leaders to be involved but many people with different talents, passions and skills. Let’s continue this journey together!


Love Annette


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