• Annette Bartlett
  • September 2, 2015 4:18 pm

Reaching Women Through Lighthouse

It is time to highlight and celebrate women at Lighthouse! I think there are so many things that Lighthouse women are involved with that it would be hard to communicate all the awesome things they are doing. However, I would like to highlight in three key areas of Lighthouse where our women and men through their service to our community are impacting women.

Three key areas that are reaching and have the potential to make a difference to the lives of women in our community are Community Kitchen, Youth Housing and the Woolshed. Let’s not get blasé about what we are actually doing but get excited about how God is using these parts of our vision to bring a message of hope and transformation to people. Community Kitchen numbers are sometimes swelling to 130 people, this dinner creates an atmosphere of love and acceptance for people. Emily who is managing the night often shares great stories of people feeling loved on. She recently told us about how one of the girls attending Community kitchen was taught how to make jewellery from one of our volunteers. This lovely lady has now started her own business selling that Jewellery. Sharing food and in this case skills is a great way to build community and a sense of family. So many in our community rarely have the experience of this kind of space.

I recently heard of a story of a young woman who is with us in our Lighthouse Youth Initiative, previously she was addicted to ‘ice’in drug rehab and is now learning to live free of an ‘ice’ addiction in the community. Through being a part of our program, she now has a safe place to live, reconnected with her two sons, volunteers within Lighthouse programs and has a bright future.

Many girls have been through our programme like this and have been able to experience the love, care and guidance that has been absent from their lives. So many of these girls have experienced trauma that you and I could not even imagine. The team do an awesome job of standing in the gap for these young women so they may have a better chance in life.

The Woolshed is something I am extremely excited for as it has exponential potential to be an innovative space for ministering to both women of faith and in the community. I see our up and coming event ‘Women at the Woolshed’ as a launching pad for a space that celebrates and encourages women and their potential. A committed team thus far has prepared the physical building but I believe as a group of united women at Lighthouse that we could bring innovative events, programs, leadership development that both celebrate and support women.

I have only highlighted three of the areas that we are outworking our vision through, there are so many more things to share. I have been so encouraged by the response of many Lighthouse women already excited for this new season, it gives me full confidence that there are great days ahead. If you are new at Lighthouse or have not known how to get involved, I would like to encourage you to grab one of our key women leaders: Taleah, Jess, Katie or Deb and see where you best fit. If you want information on anything that Lighthouse does in the community check out www.adifferentlight.com.au

Love Annette.


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