Quality Training to grow and serve

“Quality teaching is at the heart of training up people here at Lighthouse. Our growing suite of courses help individuals, families and organisations build great foundations in areas as diverse as discipleship, finance, community service, chaplaincy and so much more.” – Andy Flaherty – Spiritual Formation and Teaching Leader. 


From our own Andy Flaherty comes Lifestream, a six-part exploration of discipleship that helps church leaders, lay pastors, small group pastors and everyday Christians make sense of their faith.

Jesus’ great commission to his followers was to go and make disciples. But what are disciples and what is discipleship? So much of the language the church uses is steeped in tradition and a history that has become a cloudy for today’s user. LIFESTREAM pays homage to the original roots of discipleship in its biblical context while seeking to appropriate it for everyday Christians in a globally-connected, self-actualising society.

God, money and me!

From New Zealand’s Pastor Paul de Jong comes this 4-week course God, Money and Me!

God, Money and Me! will teach you the four ingredients to create the financial freedom you desire and create a life and future of financial independence, breakthrough and blessing. God, Money and Me will enable you to create a pathway to financial freedom and will equip you to establish a financial foundation for future generations.

the shapes test

From Paul Clayton Gibbs comes The Shapes Test, a course that is structured around a simple personality test with 7 questions that will shape your world.

This fun, interactive course is available for individuals, teams or organisations with the goal to help people build something good together. By understanding your ‘shape’, you will understand yourself and others better. The shapes test comes in a variety of … well, shapes… to help you and your organisation get the most out of the program.

Diploma of Community Services

AC’s Diploma of Community Services is a unique program designed to equip people to think and act differently regarding community transformation. This course draws upon the latest best practice in community engagement and is specifically designed for experienced community workers and those who have experience in church-based community services work.