Spiritual Formation is the discovery of self and God where God is the infinite context of the story of our life. Be sure to watch till the end for a Practicing Faith Segment on how to practically Form Spiritually.

Body, Soul and Spirit
Understanding who you really are. The unique, One-of-a-kind You.

God Time
Intentional set aside time to connect with God.
Practicing Faith: Storying.

God Sent
The need for people around you that help you form, in the context of relationships.
Practicing Faith: Serving others.

God Moments
The journey of growth with those unusual but delightful circumstances when God shows up and surprises you.
Practicing Faith: Lectio Divina = Divine reading of The Bible.

God Doings and Knowledge
Serving with our own hands, head and heart with the right spirit and the practical teaching and development of our knowledge on how God works.
Practicing Faith: Communion.