Human. Kind.

How do we make big changes in making our world a better place for everyone? It starts with being a great neighbour to those around us. Regardless of Race, Gender or Ethnicity.

The Art of Neighbouring
If neighbours knew each other; if neighbours helped each other, it would change every problem we have.

Healthy Communities Know Each Other
Through knowing our neighbours, we can show them the hospitality and love that Jesus shows us every day.

Valuing Self & Others
Knowing yourself and knowing others is the first step to valuing yourself and others.

God Is Inclusive Part 1
How do we truly love everyone? Even those different to us.

God Is Inclusive Part 2
The Love of Jesus is not selective or exclusive, but it is broad and inclusive.

Heart of Hospitality Part 1
What it means to be invited.

Heart of Hospitality Part 2
God is here for every one of us. Everyone is included and invited.