Young Adults

Young Adults

At Lighthouse we think of young adults as stage of life, not a particular age. Young Adults are those who have left high school up until the time they start a family. While this is an exciting time in life, of learning and exploring, it’s one of the most challenging as we start to take on more life responsibilities and discover who we are, that life isn’t as straightforward as initially thought and it’s full of challenges and opportunities.

In the current post-modern era where truth has become relative, we face new challenges that a number of our parents may not have had to deal with. At Lighthouse we believe truth exists and the God of the bible is that truth.

At LYA we love to hang out, have fun, create memories, but most importantly we are a group that aspires to disciple each other.
We are interested in the relevant topics of our generation and the issues that Young Adults have to deal with such as Education, Career, Finances, Sexuality, Relationships and Theology.

What, where and when?

There are a range of things happening for LYA from Sunday gatherings, to weekly sports events, biblical topic discussion nights to monthly hangouts. For details about all events visit our Facebook page here.

Young Adults Events

No upcoming events for young adults.