Lighthouse Youth is a movement of young people who live by faith, love one another and create real friendships.

Lighthouse Youth is led by Jordan Bartlett. Jordan is extremely passionate about young people. He loves seeing young people belong, be accepted and is committed to youth finding their God-given purpose for life. He is a diploma qualified case manager and youth worker. Jordan also leads Red Frogs in our region, supporting students on colleges at the University of Wollongong, click here to find out more.


Lighthouse Youth happens in three main ways:

The original experience! Where it all began. We have been running a Friday night program for over 20 years at Lighthouse and so you can imagine we have become very good at creating an amazing experience for young people in our region. It’s classic and so awesome!

  • Massive games!
  • Bangin’ Music!
  • Awesome Faith presentations!
  • Free Food!
  • Chances to win Prizes!

SHAKERS – Years 6 – 8 / BREAKERS – Years 9 – 12


Locations + Times:

Lighthouse at The Station:

SHAKERS (Years 6 – 8) Friday Nights 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm

BREAKERS (Years 9-12) Friday Nights 8.00 pm till 9.30 pm

Lighthouse Youth at The Woolshed

Lighthouse Youth the Woolshed Youth (Ages 12-18yrs) Friday Nights 6:30 pm till 8pm

Power up Groups (Better known as P.U.G’s) are where our youth leaders meet with our youth during the week for an hour or two. It’s much more personal and smaller than Fridays. It’s a small group designed for young people who want to take their faith deeper and discover more about faith, hope and love. That can only come from God. If you want to get your young person powered up in their faith and see a real commitment to their belief’s grow than a P.U.G is perfect
To connected into a P.U.G. get your young person along to Friday nights and speak with any of the leadership team for more information.

Future Force. “The Future is others.”

Future Force is an initiative created by Lighthouse Youth Director Jordan Bartlett. It is the culmination of a vision to see young leaders in our local community. Future Force is a youth leadership development program designed to take a young person within a simple desire to make a difference and help them become a leader in every sense.

The program does cost money and intake only happens twice a year. For more information please contact Lighthouse front office by giving them a call at 02 4229 9744 or emailing

To learn more download the Future Force Program Outline here

Youth Events

No upcoming events for youth.