Lifestream is a guided process through the difference Christian faith can have in the everyday experiences of real people.

It will help you and your church master discipleship as you learn to:

The Lifestream course covers six overlapping and interconnected regions, to help the people in your church become better mentors and master deeper levels of discipleship in their own lives.


Instead of seeing doubt as a setback, embrace it as essential to building our faith.


Listen carefully, suspend your judgements, ask better questions and take on new perspectives.


Come into contact with new people, stories and connections that surprise us.


Discover meaning and purpose in your Christian faith, find a mentor and practise discipline.


Sacrifice the ‘if’ for the ‘so’ and start following Christ with the pilgrim mentality.


Experience a growing relationship with God through practices that attune you to His power and presence.

Start your journey today.

Here’s what people are saying about Lifestream

“It is a simple concept that keeps on giving. The fact that we can stream Jesus’ life through ours for others is a stunning and profound thing.”

David, 40yo PhD candidate in HR research

“Lifestream has expanded and challenged my mindset around discipleship and that we can be in all six areas albeit one area may be stronger at any given time. Discipleship is not just for new believers.”

Wendy, 66 year old chaplain

“Lifestream has made me think about discipleship more. I want to practice applying Lifestream in the real-world. I also think it would be good to do it again with a different group of people. I really enjoyed the course.”

Rachel, 27yo, Prosthetist/Orthotist

“In the Curiosity Module, the three questions really open up your brain to think in a different way. By asking yourself these questions, it releases a new level of curiosity within yourself by putting it into everyday situations. Making disciples isn’t just for pastors.”

Kaitlyn, 20yo Personal Assistant

About Andy Flaherty

Andy Flaherty created Lifestream out of a desire to meet the needs of all people along their discipleship journey – whether they have questions about God.

Andy is spiritual formation and teaching pastor at Lighthouse. He is married to Elyse and they have three children. Andy is a keen traveller and outdoor enthusiast who surfs, hikes, camps and rock climbs any time he gets. With a deep curiosity about God, people and God in people, Andy is a talented, creative teacher whose messages connect with all generations.

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