Lighthouse Covid-19 update and return to live gatherings

Register for our Communication Masterclass

Register for our Communication Masterclass

27th September – Masterclass: Want to brush up on how to best communicate your thoughts, strategy or vision. Our Senior Leader, Paul Bartlett will be speaking on how best to do that and continuing our Stories for the Future series online.

Lighthouse Live Gathering Update – 21st July 2020

We certainly live in interesting times and this week, we are living among considerable community concern regarding public health /safety and public gatherings. Lighthouse is also having to adjust to new restrictions placed recently on public gatherings than we had previously planned for our return on Sunday 26th July. With this in mind we want to delay the start of our public gatherings and not hold them onsite this Sunday at either location. We understand this decision will be met with some disappointment among parts of our lighthouse family, as we are, it also may seem overly pre-cautionary but we make this decision wanting to ensure we are keeping everyone safe to the best of our ability.

This Sunday we will be online and are preparing a special online gathering for you to enjoy at home and with others in your home. Our pastoral team are already contacting hosts for this. Our online gathering will be available on our website aswell as on facebook interactive at 10am.

August 2nd – August 23rd we will host smaller bespoke gatherings in our venues, that will be custom made for our kids teams, connect leaders, creative teams, Youth / Young adult teams etc, with the focus on leadership development, team building and discipleship for people in teams and joining them. We are also planning a fun kids only day at Lighthouse on one of these Sundays in August. We will communicate the final details of this on Monday.

While not choosing the current scenario we are placed in, we are endeavouring to make the most of this opportunity in what God is speaking to us as leaders about with the direction and health of our church. We see these Bespoke August Sundays as an incredible opportunity to re-build and develop teams and leaders that will bring health and momentum for years to come.

We have scheduled a return to larger public church gatherings on Sunday 30th of August, which will be adaptable to any size and government restriction. Those who have previously booked in for this Sunday at any of our gatherings will be given priority for the 30th of August.

In Summary

– We have delayed the return to public church gatherings originally planned for Sunday 26th July.
– Lighthouse Online to continue and homes to gather to enjoy the service together.
– Bespoke gatherings will meet across August in our venues with a focus on leadership development, fun, future planning, prayer and discipleship.

– A scheduled re-start of church gatherings on the 30th of August that will be adaptable to any govt restriction

– Connect groups to continue as normal
– Youth will return as normal to an in-person gathering this week.

If you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to our key pastoral team their details are below or call 42299744.

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Love Paul & Annette.