Lighthouse Online Series

The series is about the UNLIMITED supply of life giving power God gives us as we follow Him through each day of our lives…

Join us to celebrate and look into the true meaning of Christmas
4 Videos

We all look through a lense to see the world around us. This series will help us see our world through the lenses that we believe are important as people of Lighthouse.
7 Videos

Stories For Our Future encourages you in the simple fact that God uses difficult situations to create hopeful outcomes.
4 Videos

FORmeD is designed to encourage and develop you into developing your own Spiritual Formation, helping you in your daily life and those around you.
5 Videos

How To Live The Dream Life, A single message from Lighthouses own Senior Leader Paul Bartlett on what we can do in order to live the dream life; and what it takes.
1 Video

Lighthouses Human Kind Campaign is designed to encourage and inspire you to love your neighbours well. We believe that when we know and value our neighbours it builds strong communities. Welcome to the Neighbourhood.
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