Stories For Our Future:

In a time when Hope is a valuable daily experience, the bible reminds us of stories that incite an outlook for the future that transcends our immediate experiences. When things are uncertain, different or hard; Hope tells us we are preparing for a better future.

The great gift the Bible has for us is its immense catalogue of story to inspire our faith and our hope for the future. Told across thousands of years, the stories are reliable demonstrations of the human experience and its effects with and without God.

The Story of Creation
The Judaeo-Christian account of Creation reminds us that the sound of God’s voice brings Life to the World… and it still does.

The Story of the Exodus
Amidst social, racial and economic oppression, God rescues a nation of people from their circumstances.

The Story of Israel
Freed from external oppression, the nation of Israel now learns that ultimately they will be prisoners to their own beliefs and behaviour; or, a free people with faith in God, even after losing their kingdom.

The Story of the Messiah
There was a plan to rescue the world since humankind chose its own destiny – His name is Jesus. Here’s how He did it.