Re-Think It!

Welcome to the journey of unlearning

How many things are you doing , Paul Bartlett asks, simply because you have done it for so long without ever re-thinking it? 

This is the question that pastors and church leaders need to ask and answer in order to lead churches through the COVID-19 global pandemic aftermath – and to reach those who are thinking less about the church’s relevance. 

Throughout His ministry on earth, Jesus didn’t teach the way we may understand teaching to be: He focused on the unlearning process. Jesus knew that lasting change – a change that would impact others – meant that old, entrenched thinking had to be exposed and confronted before new thinking could be taught and applied. 

Re-think It: Unlearning how we think, to reach a changing world that’s thinking less about church reveals what happens when you let God transform your thinking – by discovering how your culture has infiltrated your thinking, dealing with it, bringing it into the light, removing it and relearning according to God’s Word. 

Sharing from his own unexpected journey that has deeply impacted and changed his life, Paul Bartlett will encourage, equip and inspire you to embark upon a significantly challenging yet highly rewarding inner journey that will also bring lasting change to those around you.