Ukraine Appeal

Ukraine Appeal

The Refugee crisis Poland is facing is a marathon, not a sprint. Due to the large volume of refugees that has entered Poland since the start of the war, the Polish government are relying heavily on organisations for support and assistance of refugees. Due to the proximity of Russia and the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, the costs of living are making it more difficult for organisations to continue with long term support of Refugees.

Lighthouse will continue to partner with DOM church, a community organisation that has a strategy for providing long-term support for refugees in Warsaw.

The DOM church in Warsaw has been welcoming refugees from their Eastern neighbours in Belarus and Ukraine. As part of a non-government lead organisation, this church has been helping support refugees find a new life in their country. DOM church has so far been able to support 200 people with accommodation, transport and food and education packages. It is also helping provide relief packs to provide Emergency Relief including food and other essential services to people in the war zone.

DOM church will provide on-going refugee support including supporting refugees to find long term accommodation, education for children, language classes, food packages and Emergency Relief support.

Through Lighthouse church we will send over monthly support to the DOM community in Warsaw. Please consider joining us in supporting DOM church through assisting them in one month of support for rent, education, or food packs for a family. Our goal as a community is to provide six months of support for 50 refugee families.

Enter in your giving amount and make sure to Reference ‘Ukraine Appeal’ to join us in the long term assistance of refugee families in Poland.

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